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Handle your precious laptop with care…. 0
Handle your precious laptop with care….

We all know Laptops are wonderful alternative to desktop machines because of its comfort and portability. Though desktop machines are typically more powerful because of their larger components, laptop specifications are improving day by day. They can be easily taken anywhere around, used anywhere around the home, hence very convenient over static desktop PC.

Students, people working on field, salespeople, managers, designers and entrepreneurs rely on their laptops to do their work or homework, stay in touch with friends, write memos and analyze spreadsheets and much more.
A good laptop can be as powerful as you need it to be. And that's why many laptops are more expensive than a desktop PC.

As a laptop is expensive to replace and very delicate too, it needs utmost care in terms of handling.

Just have a look over some simple things which can give your laptop a longer and secured life :

  • If you're off to travel, remove the CDs, DVDs and thumb drives that might be in your computer, and protect them properly. Don't forget to switch your laptop off, don't leave them on sleeping or night mode.
    Temperature swings or extreme temperatures can affect performance of laptop. If you've just got your laptop indoors from a very cold day, don't turn it on immediately. Wait until it has Warmed up and reached room temperature. If it's freezing outside it may take some more time. Be patient, meanwhile.
  • Laptop screen is the most fragile part of its body and is easily prone to cracks and damages. Clean it only with approved solutions or monitor wipes. Avoid touching the screen with any pens or sharp pointers which can scratch the surface.
  • You shouldn't put a laptop close to appliances that generate a strong magnetic field, such as televisions, large speakers and even some high-tech refrigerators. You should even avoid putting your cellphone on top of your laptop while both are on.

  • Make a habit of closing the laptop lid often when you are not working. It helps in avoiding the accumulation of dust which Keep the lid closed as often as you can, which helps to limit the amount of dust that can settle on the keyboard, also increases battery life and prevents the keyboard from any kind of liquid spilling which can cause severe damage to the laptop.

  • Laptops have the tendency to overheat in comparison to desktop PCs.  Hence avoid placing it on the blankets or pillows or any other non-flat surface for a longer time which suppresses ventilation.

  • Be careful where you take your computer and set it down. Again, its portability can work against it. You shouldn't take it to the beach and risk getting sand in it. Same with using it on the kitchen counter, where it could drop into a sink or onto the floor.

  • Always carry your laptop in a good laptop bag which is of good quality and more cushiony to prevent against drops and jostles. Some people have the habit of putting many things on top of the laptop like heavy books or piles of papers, etc. which should be seriously avoided because it can also damage your system.
  • One more very crucial thing is setting up passwords for your laptop access. Don't set easy passwords which could be easily accessed by anyone, especially in the case if I get stolen. The data is very important to go to anyone's hands.
    Make a practice of Opening a personal virtual private network (VPN) account and use it as often as you can in airports, hotels and hotspots in coffeehouses—whenever you plug into any new or free Wi-Fi or any other strange networks. A VPN reroutes your Internet connection to secure networks, where a hacker cannot steal your data.

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