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How To Speed Up An Old Computer? – 9 Best Simple And Complete Guide 0

How To Speed Up An Old Computer? – 9 Best Simple And Complete Guide


In today’s world, everyone is dependent on a computer for something. So having a good computer is not a luxury anymore, it becomes a necessity. Also, we do not have the patience to wait for anything. The same is true for our computer as well. With years of use, our computers become so slow that we can even finish our coffee before the bootup of our computer. Then we need to speed up an old computer or buy a new one.
Sometimes it’s a problem with the operating system or hardware of your computer. Either way, you’re frustrated and ready to buy a new PC. Before you do, try these proven tricks to speed up your machine first. Your wallet will thank you!

Table of Contents

List of Methods to Speed Up An Old Computer

I have listed a number of ways that you can use to speed up an old computer.Of yours. So let us start.

Free up and optimize hard disk space

You should always have some free space on your HDD. But sometimes it is not possible to make free space. In that case, the first thing you can do is, you can clear your internet cache and Windows cache files with the free program CCleaner. 
Windows by default come with a variety of tools that you can use to fragment you and cleaning your disk.

  1. Go to your File Explorer or Click on the My Computer icon
  2. Next Select your C: drive and left on it
  3. After that select Properties
  4. Then go to the Under Optimize and defragment the drive and click on the Optimize option.

You can also click on  Error checking and check to have Windows search for any system-related errors on the HDD. Then if any error found to try to resolve them.
In your file explorer, you can see how much storage is free. Also, you can breakdown down which file taking up the most space.
Windows 10 also provides an additional feature called Storage Sense which automatically deletes temporary files and clears the Recycle Bin. 
If you’re still close to your hard drive’s storage limit, consider moving your photo, video, or music library to an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or your favorite cloud service. Make sure you have no unwanted programs installed on your computer. If you implement all this technic I hope you can able to speeding up an old laptop of yours.

Speed up your startup

Currently, almost all modern computers have SSD drives, However, some budget models and older computers still use the old hard disk drive. So If your computer falls on that second category then you should upgrade it to SSD.
SSDs increase the bootup and launch app’s speed significantly compared to conventional HDDs.Also, remove apps from the startup menu. So that your bootup speed will be increased.
Go to the search bar and type startup and then click on Startup Apps. Then you’ll get a list of apps that starts automatically when the system starts, try to reduce the number. But be very careful, always research before removing any programs that you don’t recognize. Because it could mess up your system.

Increase your RAM

If you only have 4G or 8GB of RAM and do a lot of multitasking, upping your RAM to 12GB or higher is a sensible upgrade.
Why? When programs or files take all available RAM space, then the processor has to read data from the HDD, that way slower than your RAM. So upgrading your RAM is always a good idea to speed up your computer.

Boost your browsing

This blog is about slow old computers but I think a slow internet connection is also as frustrating as a slow old computer. To fix this you do not have too many options. The first thing you can do is change your browser to Google’s Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or brave browser(In my opinion the best bowser). 
If you suspect any problem with your Wi-Fi router, the first thing you need to check that the internet speed is good or not with Speedtest.Net or Okla speed test. If your internet is good then try to change your router or increase your internet speed.

Use faster software

Any free or open-source software is always preferable if it does the same job as paid software. Any free software will save you a lot of money. not only that they’re also often leaner and faster than their bloated commercial counterparts. Some work right from your browser, too.
Dump Adobe Reader for Smallpdf or PDFescape to breeze through PDF documents from your browser. No download is required.
GIMP and Pixlr X have the same features as Photoshop but it is free and way lighter than Photoshop. Also, you can use  LibreOffice or Thunderbirdinstead of MS Office or Outlook. Try VLC instead of Windows Media Player. It simply works.
Use some lightweight software speed up your old computer significantly.

Remove pesky spyware and viruses

Viruses or spyware are very dangerous for your privacy. It will slow your computer, your network, and the worst part is it slote your data and send it to someone else. Who could use this vital information to harm monetarily or sometimes they can even damage your reputation as well.
To fix this you can use any anti-spyware or anti-virus. I always prefer a paid version but if you can not afford then you can at least use the free version.

Clean the right way

You should clean the screen or a camera lens Electronics Wipes. These anti-static cloths remove any dust, or fingerprints from your lens safely. You can even use them to clean your computer or laptop screens as well.
Also, you can use a small vacuum cleaner to remove dust from your computer keyboards and other electronic devices.
You should never use any wet cloth to clean your devices.

Leave no crumbs behind

Cache and cookies are temporary files your system creates when you visit a website, regardless of which browser you use. You need to routinely clean up these files to help your system run efficiently. This will speed up your old computer

Check for updates

Another important way to speed up your computer is Checks for updates. Always keep your software updated.

BONUS TIP FOR EXTRA KNOW-HOW: 3 simple steps to improve your TV’s picture quality

  1. A common complaint I hear from readers is how disappointed they’re after buying a replacement TV. the most problem that they told us? image quality does not match their expectations.
  2. It isn’t necessarily the TV’s fault, though. Any new TV is often a disappointment once you first catch on the home. That’s actually because new TVs aren’t always calibrated correctly for your home’s lighting.
  3. Fortunately, a far better picture is simply a couple of adjustments away.


Replacing a laptop with a new one is always easy but you need to think about it monetarily. You can buy a new laptop every year. So maintaining the speed of an old laptop is really important. 
I hope our article about speed up an old computer will help you to speed up your laptop. For content, you can subscribe to our blog. Also if you are planning to buy any new laptop. Then you should read this article


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