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Review Dell Latitude E5440-4668 Notebook

Sebastian Jentsch (translated by Liala Stieglitz), 05/10/2014

Co-worker. Practical, enduring, reliable, and down to earth. Who does not want such a colleague? Our report reveals whether Dell's new 14-inch laptop adorns itself with these qualities.

Latitude E5440 with HD+ screen. The ultimate office book?
Latitude E5440 with HD+ screen. The ultimate office book?

For the original German review, see here.

Dell sorts its classic business laptops that do not fit in the ultrabook category (Latitude 14 E7440) in its 3000, 5000, and 6000 Series. To complete confusion, every one of these product lines (with a few exceptions) includes 13, 14 and 15-inch devices. The Latitude E5440 comes from the middle, not only in terms of equipment but also in price. Dell demands 680 Euros (~$936) including VAT (Core i3, 500 GB, HD screen, one-year basic warranty) for the basic configuration of the Latitude 14 5000 Series. The customer would reach the top end at 850 Euros (~$1170). Our review sample would then feature an HD+ screen and Core i5.

That is not too steep a price for a high-quality office laptop with abundant equipment and many options. Where does the Latitude E5440 lineup compared with the competition? We particularly focused on the 14-inch HP ProBook 640 G1 (i5, HD+) and Fujitsu LifeBook E743 (i5, HD+). HP demands 790 Euros (~$1087) for its 640, and Fujitsu wants 920 Euros (~$1266). Another alternative is Lenovo's ThinkPad L440 (HD); the more interesting HD+ configuration is currently available starting at 750 Euros (~$1032) (prices for our test configurations, equipment-dependent).


Rubber-coated surfaces on the display lid,...
Rubber-coated surfaces on the display lid,...
...and the entire casing.
...and the entire casing.

The chassis strongly resembles the recently tested E5540, which is a 15-inch sister model. Dell uses plastic with a high-quality feel owing to its sleek or perhaps its lightly rubber-coated surface. The fiberglass-reinforced lid can clearly be warped, and the center where the logo is located can be dented. A rubber lip lines the display's front edge, and provides the lid with a softly padded closure.

The aluminum-clad hinges make a very robust impression. However, the reality is not so impressive. Nevertheless, the cover stiffens the hinges. Unfortunately, the base does not defy warping to the extent that we had hoped for. The chassis creaks when warped slightly at the sides. This is not due to the underside that is made of one piece, and can be completely removed for maintenance.


ExpressCard 54 slot occupant
ExpressCard 54 slot occupant

The interfaces are virtually identical with the E5540 sister model that, however, has an additional USB port on the rear. Only three of these ports are installed in the E5440. Naturally, a docking port is on the underside, and we discovered an ExpressCard 54 slot for expansion cards on the left. None of the three contenders offer ExpressCard, and instead provide a SmartCard reader (E743 and ProBook 640). Unlike the three contenders, there is no DisplayPort, something also omitted in the E5430. Something not carried over from the E5430 is the eSATA.

Left: AC, wireless module switch, HDMI, USB 3.0, ExpressCard 54/34, SD card reader
Left: AC, wireless module switch, HDMI, USB 3.0, ExpressCard 54/34, SD card reader
Right: DVD multi-burner, combo audio, USB 3.0, screw-mountable (rare!) VGA d-Sub , Kensington
Right: DVD multi-burner, combo audio, USB 3.0, screw-mountable (rare!) VGA d-Sub , Kensington
Rear: Ethernet RJ45, USB 2.0
Rear: Ethernet RJ45, USB 2.0

The communication, security, maintenance facilities, and warranty periods correspond to the 15-inch E5540, and thus we would refer to this review. Wi-Fi reception via the same Wireless-AC 7260 module was possible up to 45 meters (~150 feet) outdoors in our non-standardized test. Many consumer laptops cannot open websites within a good time at this distance. The E5440 can be ordered with a 3G modem, or it can be retrofitted should the wireless connection not suffice. The mSATA slot is easy to access, and antennas are also installed. The SIM card is inserted under the battery.

Rare: with recovery DVDs
Rare: with recovery DVDs
65-Watt power supply
65-Watt power supply

The webcam does a poor job. Unnatural colors, no details, and blurry outlineseven in daylight only fulfill the requirements for a low-res video chat. In return, the microphone is somewhat better. Although a permanent background noise affects the speech quality, its recording is loud and clear.

Webcam and dual-array microphone
Webcam and dual-array microphone
1280 x 720 pixels with little detail,...
1280 x 720 pixels with little detail,...
...and very intense noise
...and very intense noise
Reference: EOS 1100D
Reference: EOS 1100D

Input Devices


The keys are submerged in a flat recess, and a one-millimeter gap separates them. Unlike the commonly used island-style, a homogeneous key area is created that provides accuracy because every key is on a base. The keys feature a concave surfaceclear pressure point, and medium drop. The stroke is soft, and the keys sit firmly almost everywhere. We only ascertained a slight yielding in the 1 - 6 number area.

The layout makes a very clearly arranged impression, and the bright lettering is very distinct. A four-level backlight can be adapted quickly via the function key. However, the keyboard cannot compete with the professional input of a T-Series ThinkPad. The keys would need a bit more drop and be even more concave for that.

Special keys, such as the Wi-Fi hardware switch on the casing's right or volume control, are also available. Some users will miss the E5540's number pad, but the width of the keys makes it impossible. The contenders do not offer one either.


The touchpad's counterpart, a blue TrackPoint, is found on the keyboard. This second input option has many fans, and Lenovo's ThinkPad L440 as well as Fujitsu's LifeBook E743 also have one. Only the ProBook 640 G1 does not offer this, and limits this feature to the EliteBooks.

All five buttons feature a medium drop, a subdued, almost soft stroke (quiet!), and a rubber surface. In return, the pressure point differs. The feedback from the lower row of touchpad keys is not similar to the upper row of touchpad keys. The arrangement is practical because it prevents accidentally pressing the space bar when using the TrackPoint. The contenders simply use a bigger spacing here.

No number pad, but first-rate feedback
No number pad, but first-rate feedback
Touchpad: Smooth and quick-to-trigger keys
Touchpad: Smooth and quick-to-trigger keys
Special keys for volume/mute
Special keys for volume/mute


An important feature of the Latitude is its matte HD+ screen with a resolution of 1600x900 pixels (131 ppi). This resolution provides a clearly arranged screen without exaggerating with too high of a pixel density. Dell also has an HD version available (1366x768 pixels). The matte AUO screen (B140RTN, Dell P/N: M4RTT) is a TN (Twisted Nematic) model that does not promise perfect viewing angles.

The TFT's brightness makes a good impression with over 300 cd/m², and surpasses all tested devices' total average by approximately 50 cd/m². The evenness of the illumination commonly suffers under a high brightness, but 84% is acceptable. Dark and light areas are not so far apart that we noticed differences with our naked eye. We did not ascertain white spots, i.e. clouding, even on a black screen.

Distribution of brightness
X-Rite i1Pro 2
Maximum: 334 cd/m² Average: 299.9 cd/m²
Brightness Distribution: 84 %
Center on Battery: 334 cd/m²
Contrast: 242:1 (Black: 1.38 cd/m²)
ΔE Color 10.87 | - Ø
ΔE Greyscale 11.93 | - Ø
45% AdobeRGB 1998 (Argyll) 
Gamma: 2.55
 Dell Latitude E5440-4668
HD Graphics 4400, 4300U, Seagate ST500LM000 Solid State Hybrid Drive
Lenovo Thinkpad L440
HD Graphics 4600, 4330M, 500 GB - 5400 rpm
Fujitsu Lifebook E743-0M55A1DE
HD Graphics 4000, 3230M, Hitachi Travelstar Z5K500 HTS545050A7E380
HP ProBook 640 G1 H5G66ET
HD Graphics 4600, 4200M, Hitachi Travelstar Z7K500 HTS725050A7E630
Brightness Distribution
Black Level *
Colorchecker DeltaE2000 *
Greyscale DeltaE2000 *
2.55 94%
2.68 90%
2.63 91%
2.29 105%
15424 42%
13243 49%
10360 63%
13721 47%
Color Space (Percent of AdobeRGB 1998)

* ... smaller is better

AdobeRGB: 45% coverage
AdobeRGB: 45% coverage
sRGB: 64% coverage
sRGB: 64% coverage

As we noticed using only our eyes: Black is not deep black, but looks more like a very dark gray. The low contrast of 242:1 confirms the visual impression. Some contenders do a better job here, even if 655:1 (L440) is not a top score. Good consumer screens from a similar price range, some with a matte surface, often achieve 800 to 1200:1.

Color spaces are not a topic for either our review sample or the contenders. The percentage is 37% to 45% here; neither will satisfy professional graphic designers. As usual, we assessed the screen using the spectrophotometer, and calibrated it afterwards. Calibration eliminated the colors' visible bluish cast in the state of delivery. The colors looked warmer and more natural, but the viewing angle stability decreased slightly.

CalMAN recorded a DeltaE of just below 11 for the colors. We measure this high shift in low-budget screens time and again.

CalMAN Grayscale: non-calibrated w/ bluish cast
CalMAN Grayscale: non-calibrated w/ bluish cast
CalMAN Saturation: Visible shift
CalMAN Saturation: Visible shift
CalMAN Saturation: DeltaE2000: 11
CalMAN Saturation: DeltaE2000: 11

Matte = ideal for outdoors? In fact, we did not have any problems in daylight, particularly because the maximum brightness (334 cd/m² average) can also be set in battery mode.

Direct light, cloudy
Direct light, cloudy
Light from the side, cloudy
Light from the side, cloudy

As expected from the TN screen, the Latitude does not have stable viewing angles. The screen only displays true images in the ideal angle. We shot a picture in state of delivery, i.e. not calibrated. The image quality is ruined as soon as the user leaves the sweet spot. We only see a picture with inverted colors when looking from above or from below. An angle of over 45 degrees from the sides leads to massive distortions.

Latitude E5440: HD+ (TN) viewing angles
Latitude E5440: HD+ (TN) viewing angles


Dell relies on an Intel Core i5-4300U (1.9 GHz) CPU, which, until now, was a rare sister model of the massively used i5-4200U (1.6 GHz). The processor can run with a maximum of 2.9 GHz via Turbo. It is a member of Intel's current Haswell generation, and has a TDP of 15 Watts.

Dell installs 8 GB of working memory in our review sample. Both banks are filled. A solid-state hybrid drive (Seagate ST500LM000) with a gross capacity of 500 GB finishes that off. The initial space available to the user is 410 GB. The HDD's 64 GB flash unit is not intended for direct usage. Frequently used data blocks are written to the NAND, which leads to programs opening quite swiftly and fast system startups.

System info CPU-Z CPU
System info CPU-Z Cache
System info CPU-Z Mainboard
System info CPU-Z Memory
System info CPU-Z SPD
System info GPU-Z Intel HD 4400
HD Tune 90 MB/s seq. read
CrystalDiskMark 36 MB/s seq. read
System information: Dell Latitude E5440-4668


Prime95: Multi-CPU stress
Prime95: Multi-CPU stress
FurMark: GPU stress
FurMark: GPU stress

We checked whether the cooling system can maintain the CPU's Turbo, so if it discharges the corresponding amount of waste air during load. A bulky 14-inch chassis alongside a ULV processor should easily manage that, and it does. The clock rate stably remained at 2.6 GHz in both the Cinebench tests and the stress test using only Prime95 (multi-core in each case). Full power also applies to the integrated HD 4400 that maxed out its Turbo of up to 1050 MHz. This clock frequency in conjunction with the corresponding performance (Cinebench scores) is also available in battery mode.

The review sample lines up below Lenovo's ThinkPad L440 (Intel Core i5-4330M) by 24% to 33%. The latter sports a standard voltage processor. This is also the case with the LifeBook (i5-3230M, Ivy Bridge platform). Haswell achieves a better per-Watt performance, and the current ULV can almost match the old standard voltage model.

Cinebench R11.5
CPU Single 64Bit (sort by value)
Dell Latitude E5440-4668
1.22 Points ∼55%
Fujitsu Lifebook E743-0M55A1DE
1.23 Points ∼56%
HP ProBook 640 G1 H5G66ET
1.35 Points ∼61%
Lenovo Thinkpad L440
1.51 Points ∼68%
CPU Multi 64Bit (sort by value)
Dell Latitude E5440-4668
2.75 Points ∼12%
Fujitsu Lifebook E743-0M55A1DE
2.89 Points ∼12%
HP ProBook 640 G1 H5G66ET
3.24 Points ∼14%
Lenovo Thinkpad L440
3.66 Points ∼15%
OpenGL 64Bit (sort by value)
Dell Latitude E5440-4668
18.28 fps ∼15%
Fujitsu Lifebook E743-0M55A1DE
12.1 fps ∼10%
HP ProBook 640 G1 H5G66ET
14.82 fps ∼12%
Lenovo Thinkpad L440
14.67 fps ∼12%
Cinebench R15
CPU Single 64Bit (sort by value)
Dell Latitude E5440-4668
108 Points ∼55%
Fujitsu Lifebook E743-0M55A1DE
105 Points ∼54%
HP ProBook 640 G1 H5G66ET
118 Points ∼61%
CPU Multi 64Bit (sort by value)
Dell Latitude E5440-4668
254 Points ∼12%
Fujitsu Lifebook E743-0M55A1DE
258 Points ∼12%
HP ProBook 640 G1 H5G66ET
295 Points ∼14%


Dell Latitude E5440-4668Intel Core i5-4300U, Intel HD Graphics 4400, Seagate ST500LM000 Solid State Hybrid Drive
Fujitsu Lifebook E743-0M55A1DEIntel Core i5-3230M, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Hitachi Travelstar Z5K500 HTS545050A7E380
HP ProBook 640 G1 H5G66ETIntel Core i5-4200M, Intel HD Graphics 4600, Hitachi Travelstar Z7K500 HTS725050A7E630
Lenovo Thinkpad L440Intel Core i5-4330M, Intel HD Graphics 4600

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manufacturer warranty No
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