Before there were Ultrabooks with high-quality PLS screens like the Samsung Series 9 900X3B, Lenovo already provided an ultraportable option that sported a premium IPS display: the 12in ThinkPad X220. We reviewed the convertible tablet incarnation of this laptop – the ThinkPad X220t – last year, and it held up very well. But without the X220t’s tablet and wacom-pen talents, and with lighter, thinner Ultrabooks galore, can the regular X220 still justify its £800-plus price?

Well, there is a lot to like. The X220 is no thin and light Ultrabook, instead it’s a chunky and reasonably rugged machine. However, this means it can fit in a heck of a lot more connectivity and one of the nicest keyboards on any ultraportable. You also get other benefits such as a removable – and therefore swappable or easily replaceable – battery and fully configurable specifications. Even little touches like dedicated volume controls add to the function over form.