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Sony VAIO Fit 11 touch 2 IN 1 2gb 64gb ssd laptop 13 stylus

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sony vaio svf11n

Actual Price : Rs . 58,000/-

Offer Price : Rs . 33,000/-

Prozessor Intel Celeron N2920 (4x1,86GHz/ 2MB Cache)
Display 29,5cm 11,6" TFT Display mit Multitouch
Auflösung: Full-HD 1920x1080 Pixel
Seitenverhältniss: 16:9
Oberfläche: Glare (glänzend)
Beleuchtung: LED Hintergrundbeleuchtung
Festplatte 64gb Solid State Disk 
2. Festplatte nicht vorhanden 
Optisches Laufwerk nicht vorhanden 
Webcam integrierte HD Webcam 
Grafikkarte Intel HD Graphics Bay Trail (In der CPU) Dynamic Video Memory Technology 
Soundkarte Soundsystem mit Integrierten Lautsprechern und Mikrofon 
RAM 2gb DDR3 () 
Modem nicht vorhanden 
Netzwerkkarte 10/100/1000 MBit/s Gigabit Ethernet LAN 
Wireless Lan 802.11b/g/n (Max Übertragungsrate: 150MBit/s) + NFC 
Bluetooth Bluetooth Modul integriert V4.0 + HS 
WWAN(UMTS) nicht vorhanden 
Audio Soundsystem mit Integrierten Lautsprechern und Mikrofon 
Schnittstellen 2x USB 3.0
VGA Ausgang D-Sub (über Adapter - optional)
Headset Anschluss (Combo Mini Jack) 

Review Sony Vaio Fit multi-flip SV-F11AN1L2ES Convertible

Florian Wimmer (translated by Liala Stieglitz), 03/08/2014

Last hurrah. Sony launches a convertible dubbed Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip on the market. It provides innumerable configurations for home use, and is likely one of the last devices that the manufacturer brings to the international market. Will Sony leave with a blast?

In review: Sony Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip. review sample courtesy of Sony Germany

For the original German review, see here.

It was announced in early February that Sony is selling its PC branch. It is uncertain whether Vaio laptops will still find their way to Europe in the future because the division will apparently go to a group of investors based in Tokyo. That would be a real shame. Although the stylishly designed and well-manufactured devices from Japan were always a bit more expensive, they could be extensively configured, were innovative, and always a bit different from the laptops of other manufacturers.

Thus, we might just be testing one of the last devices that Sony brings to Europe with the Vaio Fit 11A. The product line is aimed at professional users, but security features vital for use in big companies have been omitted. Our review sample is very versatile owing to its flip screen, and everyone will find a suitable device among the four different screen sizes (11.6, 13.3, 14, and 15.5 inches). The options of the available processors range from the low-priced Intel Celeron up to the speedy quad-core Core i7 processor. The price also ranges from 599 to far beyond 1500 Euros (~$832 to $2083). We are testing the lowest priced model of the series featuring an 11.6-inch screen and Intel Celeron N2920.

Business convertibles like the ThinkPad Helix, the ThinkPad Yoga, both from Lenovo, or HP's EliteBook Revolve are apt comparison devices.


The flip-casing presents unusual views.
The flip-casing presents unusual views.

Sony calls the form language of its Vaio Fit multi-flip family "One Line Design". This refers to a line that runs over the center of the display's metal lid. Here, the lid material has simply been omitted, and reveals the solid-black base. A nice, unusual design feature that is consistent in all colors, which are silver (like our review sample), black, and pink. This likely makes it obvious that Sony comes from the country of ultra-colorful manga.

Our silver review sample also features metal around the keyboard, and has a powder-coated underside. The slightly submergedchiclet keyboard looks very stylish.

The lid yields a bit, and already dents when stroked by a hand. Pressure on the back quickly becomes visible on the screen, which can be recognized by means of the liquid crystals. The screen can also be warped to quite an extent, which lessens the quality impression even more. The base unit that incorporates the keyboard and core components can also be warped and produces a creaking noise.

Naturally, Sony particularly highlights the three modes in which the convertible can be used. Sony calls them Laptop, Tablet, and Viewer. We first released the lock below the display, then we opened a magnet, and could flip the display's lower half to the back. This gives the "One Line Design" a practical purpose. A short period of familiarization is generally needed until the modes can be swapped quickly. However, both hands are always needed due to the casing's lightly rubber-coated base, and also because the hinge is a bit stiff.


Considering it is an 11.6-inch device, the Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip provides a decent connectivity in no way inferior to other, equally sized laptops. It is annoying that both USB 3.0 ports are tightly spaced leaving little space for a fat USB stick beside a mouse connection.

The ports are cramped in the right back area. Only the SD card reader and power socket are on the left. Two small slots are also found on the casing's right and left. They were a mystery at first: Two SIM slots, or new Sony ports? However, we soon discovered that the speakers are located here in the sound check.

The volume control has been placed in an interesting, but also impractical position. It is actually easy to reach at the very right back, but the lid covers it in Laptop or Viewer mode. Consequently, it can only be used in Tablet mode. This could have been prevented by placing it on a side.

Right: Speaker, headset jack, 2x USB 3.0, HDMI, standby button
Right: Speaker, headset jack, 2x USB 3.0, HDMI, standby button
Left: Speaker, SD slot, fan, power socket
Left: Speaker, SD slot, fan, power socket
Rear: Volume control
Rear: Volume control
Front: No interfaces
Front: No interfaces


A LAN port is not installed due to the casing's size. It is available in the larger Vaio Fit multi-flip configurations. In return, the Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n standard is made available by a Broadcom module. The user unfortunately cannot use the latest 802.11 ac standard.

Regrettably, the transmission quality was quite unstable. Only two of five bars were displayed at a distance of ten meters (~33 feet) and through two walls. The time needed for websites to load varied correspondingly - sometimes very slow, and sometimes fast. Sony also installs Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. A WWAN module for mobile Internet is not available.


A trademark of Sony's Vaio laptops has been innovative and very interesting accessories. For example, an "Ethernet Wi-Fi Dongle", as known from the Vaio Pro, is available for the Vaio Fit 11A. This enables a Wi-Fi connection even when only a LAN connection is present - a USB port is found on the power supply for the dongle. This dongle has a LAN port, and functions as a Wi-Fi router. That is quite useful for just under 40 Euros (~$56).

Users who need an infrared interface to, for example, control a monitor can order an adapter for 19 Euros (~$26) along with the Vaio. The touchscreen supports styluses, which Sony offers as accessories for 39 Euros (~$54).

Sony bundles an extensive software package.
Sony bundles an extensive software package.


The system is based on Windows 8.1. However, Sony installs a lot of noteworthy proprietary software on the device. Vaio Scan enables scanning documents over the webcam, and converting it into text via handwriting recognition. Vaio Clip is a photo manager, and is suitable for cropping images. Vaio Paper is a virtual notepad. Bubble Birds is a free game, and Vaio Control Center manages all functions of the laptop cleanly. It is also agreeable that the operating system can be installed without any additional software that can be selected in the online shop.


Three small Philips screws on the underside may raise hopes of easy maintenance, however, the cover cannot be removed nor can the keyboard be lifted off. Thus, the innards cannot be accessed, and the battery cannot be replaced easily either.


Sony includes a 24-month warranty on the Vaio Fit 11A by default. The laptop can also be insured against damage for three or four years via a warranty upgrade. A three-year warranty that includes accidents is also available when desired. The prices ranging from 89.90 Euros to 230 Euros (~$125 to $319) are quite fair.

Input Devices


The keyboard of the Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip features a chiclet design. The keys are thus single cubes with a clear spacing. The letter keys are square with a side length of 15 millimeters, and are thus sufficiently large. All other important keys also feature a good size.

keyboard backlight is installed, but it only has one setting, and can only be turned on and off via a software tool. However, we discovered a problem with the silver model that was provided to us. The letters on the keys do not have enough contrast in poor lighting conditions or when the keyboard's backlight was on, making them difficult to recognize.

We soon noticed that the keyboard's base is not particularly rigid. The area around the individual keys repeatedly yielded. The keys' drop is sufficient, and the pressure point is palpable, although both could be a bit clearer in our opinion. Nevertheless, users who are not planning to write an epic novel on the laptop will cope well with the keyboard.


The touchpad is a ClickPad, and does not feature dedicated buttons. Clicking is achieved by pressing down the entire pad in either the left or right lower area. The buttons' pressure point is clear, and not too stiff in use.

The surface is agreeably sleek and responsive enough. The touchpad can be disabled via the key combination FN + F1, which makes sense as it prevents the cursor from jumping when the palm rests on the surface while typing longer texts.


The capacitive touchscreen of the Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip is also very pleasant to use. It is accurate up into the corners, and features a surface that allows the finger to swipe smoothly. A Stylus can also be used, for example, to sketch on the screen or enter handwritten inputs.



In times when even medium-sized smartphones feature a Full HD screen, Sony does not want to disappoint with its 11.6-inch convertible, and installs an IPS screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. Screens with an even higher resolution are available for the larger models.

The screen's average brightness of 439.2 cd/m² is good, and the illumination is quite homogeneous. However, the brightness drops by over half in battery mode. We only measured 202 cd/m² in the screen's center here. This makes sense from the energy balance point of view, but should be left up to the user.

Distribution of brightness
X-Rite i1Pro 2
Maximum: 458 cd/m²
Average: 439.2 cd/m²
Brightness Distribution: 88 %
Center on Battery: 202 cd/m²
Black: 0.57 cd/m²
Contrast: 788:1
Sony Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip vs. sRGB
Sony Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip vs. sRGB
Sony Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip vs. Adobe RGB
Sony Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip vs. Adobe RGB

The black level is relatively high compared with similar devices: 0.57 cd/m² barely allows a convincing black resulting in more of a dark gray. Lenovo's ThinkPad Helix exhibits the lowest black level: Black areas only shine with 0.41 cd/m². Nevertheless, the Vaio’s high brightness leads to a good contrast of 788:1 in our review sample.

Different color modes can be set in the Vaio Control Center, called "Rich", "Natural" or "Text". It is also possible to not apply a color mode. The colors still look slightly pale even using "Rich", and could be a bit more brilliant. "Text" covers the picture with an intense yellowish cast, while "Natural" and no color mode allow seeing details in dark color levels best.

Extreme shifts in the color hues were exhibited in a non-calibrated state in the color tests using the colorimeter and CalMAN software, and all colors were very unsaturated. Calibration considerably improved the color accuracy and the red and green hues clearly deviated less from the ideal saturation of the reference color space. Blue continued to be very unsaturated, which, however, thwarts a bluish cast.

The screen in Sony's Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip will unlikely satisfy the needs of real professional users in terms of color space coverage. Only 61.5% of the AdobeRGB colors were reproduced. However, this barely has an impact on routine use at home.

 Sony VAIO Fit 11A multi-flip SVF11AN1L2ES
HD Graphics (Bay Trail), N2920, Samsung MZNTE128HMGR-000SO
Lenovo ThinkPad Helix
HD Graphics 4000, 3317U, Intel SSD 525 Series SSDMCEAC180A3L
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 20CD0038GE
HD Graphics 4400, 4500U, Samsung SSD 840 250GB MZ7TD256HAFV
HP EliteBook Revolve 810
HD Graphics 4000, 3437U, Samsung MZ7PC128HBFU
Brightness Center 449 389
Black Level * 0.57 0.41
Contrast 788 949
Colorchecker DeltaE2000 * 8.24 3.12
Greyscale DeltaE2000 * 7.32 2.79
Gamma * 3.81   2 2.6
Color Space (Percent of AdobeRGB 1998) 61.5   40

* ... smaller is better

CalMAN Color Checker
CalMAN Color Checker
CalMAN Grayscale
CalMAN Grayscale
CalMAN Saturation Sweeps
CalMAN Saturation Sweeps
CalMAN Color Checker (calibrated)
CalMAN Color Checker (calibrated)
CalMAN Grayscale (calibrated)
CalMAN Grayscale (calibrated)
CalMAN Saturation Sweeps (calibrated)
CalMAN Saturation Sweeps (calibrated)

The user will struggle with the reflective screen as well as the extremely reduced brightness in battery mode in outdoor use. Both make it difficult to recognize content on bright days outdoors. This looks better in the shade or in bright rooms, but is not ideal without the power supply.

The screen in the Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip makes it evident that IPS screens usually do not have problems with viewing angles. The image is always displayed without color deviations or losses in contrast from every direction and angle.

Outdoors (sunny)
Outdoors (sunny)
Viewing angles
Viewing angles


An Intel Celeron N2920 powers our review sample; a Pentium N3520 is optionally available. It is supported by an integrated graphics solution, a 128 GB SSD in the swift and compact M.2 format from Samsung, and 4096 MB of working memory. This should provide the convertible with enough power for routine office tasks, video playback in Full HD, and basic multimedia applications. The device can be used in the office, home office or on-the-go, as well as a tablet replacement with a keyboard.

Crystal Diskmark
System information: Sony VAIO Fit 11A multi-flip SVF11AN1L2ES


Intel's Celeron N2920 is a quad-core SoC that clocks with 1.86 GHz. It is not as closely related to the Celeron processors that are known from low-budget laptops, but more with Intel's Atom SoCs. This makes it predestined for use in thin and very economical computers. Hyperthreading is not a feature, and it can in fact, only process four tasks simultaneously.

The performance of Sony's Vaio Fit 11A multi-flip can compete with similar devices in comparison. The processor is even on par with the Core i3-3229Y in Acer's Aspire P3-171, although the latter has a much lower clock and consumes considerably more power. The more expensive Lenovo ThinkPad HelixThinkPad Yoga, and HP EliteBook Revolve pro devices clearly have a lead with their Core i processors. The Celeron SoC proves to be comparatively swift in routine use with Windows 8.1 providing it is not overloaded. Fortunately, the performance remains stable in battery mode.

Cinebench R10 Shading 64Bit
2198 Points
Cinebench R10 Rendering Multiple CPUs 64Bit
5244 Points
Cinebench R10 Rendering Single CPUs 64Bit
1453 Points
Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit
Cinebench R10 Rendering Multiple CPUs 32Bit
Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit
Cinebench R11.5 OpenGL 64Bit
7.1 fps

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